Frequently Asked Questions During Covid-19

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We have recieved a ton of phone calls and emails regarding our processes and procedures during covid-19. At Lexus of Route 10, we practice omotoneshi or the Japanese way of hospitality.

For us at Lexus of Route 10, omotenashi reaches beyond basic service, creating an incredible experience for our guests to have an authentic connection with a host who anticipates and responds to their needs and desires. We strive for perfection in all we do – each and every guest will be treated like a guest in our home.

Below is a list of our guests frequently asked questions during this time.

Sales Questions:

Q: Can I come to the dealership to pick up my new vehicle?

A: Yes you may come to the dealership to pick up your vehicle. Due to current NJ law, we have curbside, touch free options for delivery to abide by the state’s social distancing regulations.

 Q:Will you deliver the car to my home/office? 

A:Yes, we can deliver the vehicle touch free to you.

 Q: Do I pay extra for home delivery? 

A: No, you do not pay extra for home delivery.

 Q. Can I complete the purchase of my vehicle online? 

A: YES!! You may complete the purchase through our Lexus of Route 10 Express Store.

Service Questions:

Q: Is the staff wearing masks? 

A: Yes all of our staff in our Service and Sales departments are wearing masks and gloves. Staff will be kept up-to-date with any COVID-19 updates to ensure we’re doing our part to minimize its impact.

Q: Is there safe distance between the consultants and customers? 

A: Yes, we recently installed new plexiglass barriers to ensure the safety of our service guests and employees. We will avoid unnecessary contact like handshakes by using other forms of greeting and following social distancing guidelines.

Q: Are the loaner vehicles cleaned after each use? 

A: Although we closed our car wash to minimize the impact of Covid-19, we have implemented a thorough sanitizing process to ensure cleanliness for all of the vehicles in service.

Q: Is the waiting area set up for social distancing and is it sanitized?

A: Yes, we have followed the instructions from the state of New Jersey and have made sure the waiting area is appropriately set up for our guests safety. Cleaning crews are working hard to disinfect our dealership multiple times a day.

Q: Do you have sanitizing stations or disinfectant around the dealership? 

A: Yes, we have installed 25 hand sanitizer stations. They can be found throughout our dealership.

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More questions? Contact us.  




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